Got a business? Shout about it here!

We know that it can sometimes be tough to get word out about your business. We also know we have thousands of small business owners that use Penfold to save into their pensions in a tax-efficient way.

So if you’re one of our intrepid, pension-saving small business owners, we want to know about it! Use this thread to share the lowdown on your business; link to your website, share a promo code or just tell your story.

Might as well be the first to get onboard this!
I’m a freelance website developer and designer, generally do website for charities, but not exclusively. Been doing this for the last 15 years or so.

Big fan of Penfold and how it’s helping me save for the future.



Hello! I am a freelance / contract software engineer. Primarily I work with Python and various web technology stacks (Pyramid / Flask / Django / Plone etc), but over the last 16 years as a professional engineer I’ve done work for customers in many languages and on many platforms.

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