Hello from the Founders

Hi there :wave:

I’m Chris, one of the Founders at Penfold. I wanted to personally welcome you all to the forum.

We really want to hear from you, so if you have any questions for me personally, please do feel free to reach out here and I’ll do my best to respond!



Hi Chris
I recently saw your success in acquiring the Just Eat pension business. Congratulations on this. Are you able to share with us the number of pensions that you currently manage and how these figures are growing?


Hi Jeremy, thanks very much for your question. We currently manage 11.6k pensions, vs. 7.0k at the start of the year. Investors will receive our Q2 update in the next few days which contains further information about our progress. Many thanks, Chris

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Just wanted to say great Q2 update. :ok_hand:t2:


Thanks very much for letting us know!

Hi @chriseastwood,

Just wondering if you’re able to give an update on when EIS certificates will be made available to crowdfunding investors?

Many thanks,

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Hi Robi

I’m hoping Crowdcube will provide these soon - I have followed up with them recently. We have provided the information they need to process the certificates so shouldn’t be too long!

Thanks for your patience,

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