New to the forum

Hi all im self employed and have found the penfold pension great as I can pause my payments or top them up as and when I have the money.

Hope your all finding it good to
Regards andrew

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Hi Glassy666,

Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the positive feedback on the product - it’s great to hear that you find the payments flexible. If you’ve ever got any suggestions for how we can make things even better, you’re always welcome to DM me (or create a post on the forum!).


Hi everyone,

Forum newbie here but thrilled to be able to better connect with the Penfold community. I started my Penfold account over a year ago now as hadn’t been saving in to a pension since becoming self-employed. Like lots of us, it was always put on the low priority list and really appreciated Penfold’s way of breaking down jargon to help me realise just how important it is to start saving for the future immediately!

I own a brand marketing consultancy, The Doers, which includes a collective of over 250 freelancers. We make it a priority to make sure all our freelancers get pension ready as quickly as possible. We’re thrilled so many of our community are Penfold customers already!

Look forward to getting to know you all better and sharing our mutual love of pensions!

Jess | @thedoersuk | @jessicaasims